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I wrote this comment after you made your song public on YouTube. I think I can describe it again, so you can also get my comment here on your Musical Basics page :-)
Thank you and congratulations for your first self-composed song with lyrics.
It really touched me!
You release a part of yourself and honestly let us participate in it. You understand what moves you, what moves us and what we all long for. Doesn’t everyone wish for an angel/knight “we are one”, someone who lets us fly, lets us free, as innocent as we once came into the world.
Is it noble to fight? Yes it is. Be your own angel, take care of yourself, feel your heart and please continue to give people the chance to find themselves. "The world doesn’t need another “you”, but needs another “you” to be in another world" for their dream’s and for their own goals. Through your art of making music, you give some people the courage to do what their hearts tell them to do. If this doesn’t work out, you give them the strength to find their own security in life, to re- use it and to be patient with themselves.

Your music conveys joy, freedom and a good mood! That’s all I can integrate into my life from your music in addition to your musical talent.

Liebe Grüße Angena

Angena Laschka

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